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About Rebecca Greenway - Providing Luxury Facials And Skin Care 

I have joyfully provided skin services in the Pacific Northwest for 20+ years.


My career started by performing hundreds of specialized skin treatments under the guidance of a renowned Seattle Dermatologist.  There I also provided wound care, laser treatments, chemical peels, acne treatments and facials. I was the sole assistant for surgeries and procedures including skin cancer MOHS surgeries.


I understand the capabilities, and limits of the skin.


As an Esthetician, I've excelled in higher education, trained and mentored other professionals in my field, and witnessed many transformations. I have extensive experience with ingredients and formulations and their applications, this makes me particular of the products I use and recommend.

I am inspired with this work, it is my craft. I am strong yet nurturing and love giving facials that are unparalleled!

Rebecca Greenway

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