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Advanced Skin Care Services

Signature Facial

This luxury facial is beneficial for the skin and beyond.

As you experience multi layering of the highest quality products, modalities and touch.

Customized just for you each time to deliver an excellent

rejuvenating journey and optimal skin benefit.

90 minutes  $135

Package of 6 $720

Healthy Skin Facial

This facial includes everything to encourage healthy skin and support relaxation. Always customized for you and the current needs of your skin.

75 minutes  $120

Package of 6 $630

Light  Therapy Treatment

Proudly using the scientifically proven Celluma

light therapy device to improve cellular health and reduce inflammation. At 630-660nm l.e.d penetrates deeply to accelerate regeneration, stimulating fibroblast cells that make collagen and elastin. Also aids in healing and pain relief. $35 add to any service or single sessions.

45 minutes $85

Package of 6 $420


The Skin Treatment

An awesome face and neck treatment customized for any skin type and condition. There is no massage and no "gowning up" for this appointment.

60 minutes $110

Package of 6 $590


Also called microneedling, using a controlled needling device that finely punctures the skin. Then the miraculous healing ways of the skin create new collagen and elastin while reducing lines and undesired texture.

60 minutes $120

Package of 4 $420

Removal of Growths

Electrodessication of skin tags, hemangiomas and unwanted growths on the face and body.

Up to 15 minutes $85

Up to 30 minutes $110

Up to 1 hour $150


One of my favorite resurfacing treatments. I have purposely chosen to do the "sandblasting" type of microdermabrasion using a fine mineral called corundum powered by the most current equipment.

60 minutes $120

Package of 3 $420

Dermaplaning Facial

A facial that utilizes a sterile surgical blade to exfoliate the skin and remove all hair on the surface of the face, includes top notch products for calming and hydrating.

60 minutes $120

Package of 6 $650

Acid Peel

Pulling from an array of sophisticated acid formulas, I apply multiple layers to achieve the desired level of peeling and results, each peel is customized to fit your needs. Series are recommended.

60 minutes $130

Package of 3 $340

Eyebrow Microblading

Semi permanent tattooing with a fine blade enhances eyebrows that are in need of being filled in, darkened or accentuated. A touch up is recommended around 3-4 weeks for a completed look.

2-3 hours $300

Touch up $150

Waxing & Tinting

Lash Tint $30

Eyebrow Tint $20

Eyebrow Wax & Tint $35

Eyebrow Wax/Shape and Trim $25

Lip Wax $15

Other Facial Waxing Varies

Other Offerings

I have a large array of treatments available to improve aging skin, sun damage, scarring, acne, hyperpigmentation and more. I can devise a plan just for your skin goals.

Please inquire if you would like to talk about them!


"Rebecca has treated my skin and provided information on products for me for 20 years. She is so knowledgeable, she is the ultimate professional. When I first visited Rebecca, I had cystic acne and deep scarring. I never thought it would disappear, but because of her advice, treatments, and my follow through. Now at age (over 50) others tell me I look at least a decade younger.

I no longer need to wear make up because my skin is so healthy. When you meet Rebecca it is like meeting a beloved friend you haven't seen in years. She takes such good care of you during your treatment time you'll leave feeling rejuvenated, with your skin on it's way to  healing and back to it's natural state of beautiful." ~ Angie A

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